Miro Team


The founder of Miro Contractors


The founder of Miro Contractors

While having a commitment to innovation, Mohamed Hazem's (better known as Miro) impressive portfolio for his company, "Miro Contractors," is not the only reason why many design enthusiasts and like-minded industry players turn to his works for inspiration, but also shooting to fame for being the world's youngest architect in the world to win the 2020 International Property Awards for African/Arabian Region for Architecture Single Residence.

As a young adult, Miro graduated from the University of East London and produced nothing less than spectacular throughout his journey. Growing up with a family of engineers, he took the liberty to master every knowledge there was available for him and add it to his own expertise in a unique way.

Miro’s commitment and uplifting energy to every project intrigues everyone around him, he continues to leave his striking mark in every project and we believe he will always continue to do so.

Today Miro is the head designer of Miro Contractors, he hopes one day he will be able to pass on his knowledge, expertise and role to a talented architect that can one day fill his shoes.