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Miro establishments is a high standing company that consists of three separate entities; Miro Contractors  , Miro Contractors, and Miro Plus. Each entity specializes in a specific domain, however, they all interact with each other to produce substantial quality and prominent services to the market and community with an aim to satisfy our clients in every way possible.   


    Urgent environmental and social challenges place a greater emphasis on engineering solutions more than ever before. The principle of architects and engineers working together is integral to our culture. It allows us to focus our energies and to use resources economically. By understanding what is possible, we can achieve the seemingly impossible. Together, we can shape the future, by applying creativity and emergent technologies to design buildings that anticipate new ways of living, working and learning. It’s simply a lifestyle.


    We have a global scope, providing professional solutions to contemporary architecture, interior and urban challenges in our region. Our collaborative and creative design method involves clients, businesses, and experts from a wide range of fields that have been there throughout the entire process.


Miro Contractors approach is to create a consultative partnership with our clients in order to be viewed as an addition to their success by providing our best abilities, solving unique challenges and breaking boundaries. In order for our clients to have an utmost experience, we make sure our team clearly acknowledges the client’s tactics and objectives. Our strategic process is the integration of attraction, organization, circulation, and facilities.

All together they affect every outcome

All together they affect every outcome and aspect of each space. We believe design is more than just fulfilling the needs of people, it’s rather the art of understanding their desires and improving the overall luxurious experience. The best results come from a balance of disciplines: planning, interiors, architecture and engineering. This overall approach to design implies smooth collaboration from the diverse initial design phases to the pride of seeing the users inspired by the final outcome.

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